In order to combat the concerns with Covid-19 while maintaining the best possible environment for all of our guests and employees, come time to reopen these policy changes will be in effect. We ask that you thoroughly read this to come best prepared and understand when you purchase tickets or group events for Sam’s Fun City and Sam’s Surf City these will be enforced:

  • Our park’s capacity will be reduced to roughly 25% of our maximum capacity. With that Sam’s Fun and Surf City will be a gated admission and to enter you must have a ticket, wristband, or reserved event.
  • One of the requirements for entering the park will be passing a health screening. This includes a health questionnaire, COVID-19 waiver, body temperature no greater than 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit and an O2 (pulse oximeter) saturation of no less than 95%.
  • We will register and keep records of all guests or groups that enter into the park, this includes names, phone numbers, email addresses. This allows us to trace back and keep everyone informed if any issues arise that may have been during your time of visit.
  • Appropriate nose and mouth coverings (masks) will be required for entry into the park.
  • There will be one main entrance at the front with the screening stations that then lead to our Ticket Booth to purchase/redeem tickets and wristbands.
  • Pedestrian walking patterns will be created using directional signs, limiting face to face contact with other guests.
  • Additional handwashing stations will be available throughout the park.
  • We will not reopen high physical contact attractions such as our play zone, laser tag, inflatables (bouncy houses).
  • When planning to visit go to our tickets and pricing page to pre-purchase your wristbands/tickets to guarantee your spot that day, walk-ins will only be allowed if we are not at capacity or you are an Annual Pass holder.
  • As you enter the park itself we will have on a set schedule a ride attendant to take groups around to each ride, with the train and Emerald Coaster running on an hourly basis.
  • Our water park pools will be maintained at the safest and highest level of chlorination possible and the lazy river will require facing only one direction.
  • Guests will be provided with a menu to check off their choice of food items and it will be prepared and served to them outside to prevent lines at the concession stand.
  • We will have three options for birthday parties available for reservation with more specific information on our birthday page.
  • All tables and chairs throughout the parks will be spread to create a minimum of 6 feet of distance between each one.
  • We will comply with any other mandates or protocols specified by the Governor, Health Department, CDC, or the World Health Organization.

If issues arise during this process that prevents you from following through with your visit to Sam’s no refunds will be given. However, under some circumstances can move any tickets or reservations to a future date no less than 14 days from time of failed entry.


This will be the waiver we will have as you enter the park if you want this can be printed out and prefilled out, that way you just have to hand it in and move through the line faster! Coronavirus waiver 2020