How can I book my group at Sam’s Fun City?

Book My Group

Sam Fun City - Pensacola, Florida

To book a group, a reservation must be made no later than 72 hours in advance of your event date, with a signed contract and a 25% deposit. There is not a guarantee that there will be an open spot available at that 72-hour mark; this is just the latest time that a reservation can be made. NO GROUP RATES ARE GIVEN AT THE DOOR!

How many guests do I need to be considered a group?

Sam's Fun City - Pensacola, Florida

My Guests

Groups must be at least 15 people to receive the group rate. Once your group is booked you have up until 72 hours in advance to make changes to the number of people, food packages, etc.

What are my payment options?

Sam's Fun City - Pensacola, Florida

Payment Options

Groups must pay with one form of payment at check-in (cash or credit) NO checks are accepted. Each individual in the group cannot pay for themselves and still receive the group rate; the group has to pay as a group.

Can we bring our own lunch/snacks/etc.?

Sam's Fun City - Pensacola, Florida

My Lunch and Snacks

No outside catering or food is allowed in the park. Food packages are available and Bullwinkle’s Restaurant is open every day to accommodate everyone! Also, our catering menu covers a variety of courses and prices for the particulars of your group.