Is there a gate admission cost?

No. Except for a couple of special events each year there is not a gate admission price. Come look around at what we have to offer. However if you want to go on a ride or attraction, then you need either a ticket or wristband.

Can I bring in outside food or beverages?

No. Please visit Bullwinkle’s Restaurant for great snacks and meals, made fresh to order.

Is there a wristband that includes “Everything”?

Our “Keys to the City” or “Catalina Combo” Wristbands are our most inclusive wristbands covering everything except the “Slick Track”, arcade, or food.

Is there a dress code?

We are a family oriented park, so we do ask that you dress appropriately. Shirt pants and shoes are needed to be inside the arcade or to go on our rides. Also shoes attached to your feet are needed for the go-carts and laser tag. A waiver would need to be signed if you are wearing flip flops, and socks are needed

Does everyone need a ticket or wristband to get on a ride or attraction?

Yes. Please check the height and age requirements for our rides before your purchase to see if our smaller guests will need a ride partner.

What happens during rain?

The rides on tracks must be dry to operate safely. There are some rides that can operate while wet (if you don’t mind getting wet too)

Are there parking fees?

No. Sam’s Fun City has plenty of free parking without much of a walk.

Are there ride attendants at every ride?

No, our attendants are positioned in each area of rides throughout the park. Talk to them about the ride you are interested in, in their area and they will assist you.

Is there smoking allowed inside the park gates?

No. For the comfort of all our guests (both big and small) we ask that you smoke outside of our gates

Are we allowed to have flip flops to ride go karts and play lazertag?

Yes, but you have to sign a waiver

Do you need a wristband for the “Play-Zone”?

Yes. ALL of our wristbands include the Play-Zone, and all guests both big and small are able to use this area with their wristband and Socks.

Do you offer refunds, rainchecks or exchanges?

Not on regular bases. You came to have fun, so let us work for you. Tickets purchased can be validated and used up to one year of purchase. However we do understand that there are extenuating circumstances on occasion, so be sure to talk to the Manager on duty and they will work with you if one is needed


What happens on the Surf City side if it rains?

The waterpark will only close during the rain IF there is lightning within a certain range of the park. If there is lightning in the area the park, it will close temporarily until 30 mins after the last lightning strike.

Don’t forget to bring dry clothes and socks for the Play-Zone which is included with your wristband and allows for fun while we wait for the weather to clear.

Do you sell towels, bathing suits, and swimming trunks?

Yes, we sell a variety of sizes in the Surf City Gift Shop.

Can I go to the arcade or on rides in a wet bathing suit?

It can get rather warm in the seats so you will be asked to have on shirt, pants and shoes go on our rides, and in the arcade, where we sell food.



Is the Waterpark gated admission?

Yes, everyone must purchase some form of wristband to enter the park

Are there lockers available?

Yes, there are lockers available to purchase at the Surf City Snack Shack.

Can I bring my own floats, pool toys etc.?

We have different size floats available for your use; however you are welcome to bring your own as long as it is “Coast Guard” certified. A pool toy that may interfere or affect the other patrons and their experience is not allowed.

Is the Play-Zone included with the water park wristband?

Yes. Our indoor Play-Zone with inflatables is included with all of our wristbands. Please remember that dry clothes and socks are required for access.

SAM’s Fun City Party Questions

Is the birthday child included in the headcount at birthday parties?

Yes, the birthday child is included as one of the kids in the party. In fact anyone participating in the party activities should be included in the head count, adults and children alike.

Can you request a party package on the day of your visit?

Unfortunately no, all party packages must be booked at least 48 hours in advance with the proper deposit given.

Are you allowed to bring outside food or beverages?

The only outside food that is welcomed, and encouraged to bring, is a birthday cake for our reserved party guests.

Can I bring a piñata?

No. We do not have the set up needed to hang a piñata. A pull string piñata can be used if so desired.

Do party decorations come with the package?

The essentials are covered with your party but if you wish to have a special theme, or table cloth (not provided) please feel free to bring your own.

If it rains on the day of your party, you can speak with a host or hostess about your options and they will work with you to insure you have a quality time at our park.

Some of the options include:

Rescheduling your party to a later date. Your deposit follows you to your new date.
Receiving your deposit back on a Sam’s Fun City Fun Card to use at the park on a later date.
Changing your party to one of our fantastic indoor birthday bash packages such as the Laser Tag party.

Can I arrive early to decorate for my party?

Because we have multiple parties in a day, there is only a 15 minute window between parties to set up. Your party host will be happy to assist you with any set up. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your party unless special arrangements have been made beforehand.

Can I just bring in a cake and use a table without booking a party?

We ask that only guest with a reserved party bring in a cake (the only outside food or beverage allowed in our park) and because of tight party scheduling, tables are first reserved for our reserved party guests and are given special attention. You are recommended to reserve a party package where you also receive this attention and a great deal.